X-Ray Scanning

Scanning America can scan x-ray films into high quality digital images in all popular formats such as JPG, TIF, and DICOM.

X-ray Digitization

X-ray digitization is the process of creating an electronic image from a x-ray film.  X-ray digitization requires specialized equipment and trained scanning technicians.  Benefits of x-ray digitization include: easier access to x-ray data, the ablity for remote diagnosis and elimination of x-ray storage space.

X-ray Film Scanning

X-ray film scanning involves trained technicians individually loading x-ray film into specialized x-ray film scanners.  The scanners then create a digital image from the x-ray film.    When you choose Scanning America to perform your x-ray film scanning, you can be assured you will receive the highest quality images available.

Focus on Quality

Our focus on quality starts with the planning of your project. Our experienced project managers will work with your staff to determine the special requirements of your project. All of our processes are designed to maintain a high degree of accuracy throughout the process. Our x-ray scanning technicians are committed to ensuring the best quality capture from even the most challenging x-rays.

Superior X-ray Scanning Equipment

We use the latest generation FDA approved x-ray scanners to digitize your
x-rays. Our scanners can image x-rays as small as 2.5” x 2.5” up to 14” x 35”.  These x-ray scanners have superior x-ray film imaging quality and their speed allows us to provide x-ray film scanning services at some of the best pricing available.

Nationwide X-ray Digitization Service

We can scan your x-rays on-site at your facility, or at our centrally located state-of-the art conversion facility. We can transport x-rays in our own trucks with our own drivers and provide full access to any documents in our possession at all times.

Data Security

Maintaining the confidentiality of your records is of the highest importance at our company. That is why all new employees must pass background checks. All documents are transported in our own trucks with our own drivers to provide added security. Our facility is access-controlled and equipped with video surveillance. Our IT systems utilize advanced security systems and software and are regularly audited by third parties.