Why Outsource Microfilm Scanning

Are you considering purchasing equipment to scan your own microfilm or microfiche? If so, you should consider the cost savings and benefits of outsourcing. In addition to the scanning step, there are a variety of other processes necessary to get images from microfilm into useable electronic documents. These steps include image auditing, cropping, cleanup, indexing, binding, OCR, PDF file creation and others. Also, there can be a long learning curve in these processes.

For the just the cost of you purchasing the equipment, we can scan between 5 to 10 million images from microfilm or microfiche. And this doesn’t even take into account the cost of labor, additional software and hardware required that you would incur doing it house. Not to mention the steep learning curve in these processes.

Often of most importance, we can complete your project much quicker than you could in-house with only one scanner working one shift. We use multiple scanners working around the clock to scan your microfilm in weeks instead of months.